Shaking The Globe

”Every manager needs to see the new world through several lenses. Blythe provides those lenses. You will broaden your thinking and worldview by reading this essential book and understanding how interdependent the world is.” - RAM CHARAN, PhD., business consultant and coauthor of the bestseller, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

“This is a must-read for men and women who aspire to lead in a global economy. McGarvie cleverly combines a sophisticated but understandable rendering of the global business context with examples of challenges surmounted by real people, and questions that are guaranteed to stop you dead in your tracks…and challenge you to see the world in a completely different way.” - ROBERT J. THOMAS, author of Crucibles of Leadership: How to Learn from Experience to Become a Great Leader

Fit In Stand Out

“Blythe McGarvie incites readers to think about connections between success, ethics, and financial prowess.” - STEVE BALLMER, CEO Microsoft

“From a CEO perspective, Blythe’s approach is music to my ears…a very healthy, integrity-laden, competence-based approach to enhancing one’s leadership profile in any situation. It is a most solid model for the corporate world to follow.” - DOUGLAS CONANT, President & CEO, The Campbell Soup Company

“Blythe combines wit with wisdom to provide insights that fit into your life as an aspiring leader, and stand out from everything else you have read about leadership.” - MOHANBIR SAWHNEY, McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology, Director, Center for Reasearch in Technology & Innovation, Kellogg Schoolo of Management

“A practical, insightful, hands-on blueprint for leadership success.” - KEN DUBERSTEIN, former White House Chief of Staff

LINKEDIN Testimonials

"Blythe has been one of the most dynamic and supportive members of an organization we co-founded in 2003 at the Kellogg School of Management, the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN). Blythe's insight, commitment and good judgment have been invaluable to the development and growth of the KIN. She also focuses on issues and challenges of great meaning not only for...more - ROBERT C. worked with Blythe at LIF Group

“ Blythe is an expert in Finance but also in people management. Thanks to her, BIC Finance organization has evolved, in a very short period of time, from the stone-age to the 21st century.” - Pierre-Olivier Gisserot. Group CFO at Prodways Group. Reported to Blythe at Bic Group

“Blythe transformed the management of Finance at BIC, bringing modern technical and management perspectives to a Group where the P&L had been the main focus of management. Her quickness, overview and dynamic "can do" mentality encouraged change in key functions reporting to her, and for Finance to become the "business partner" of key marketing and general managers...more - Nick Thorne. Business Consultant. Nick reported to Blythe at Bic Group

“I have worked with Blythe, she is very good at sizing up a projects’ major points, prioritizing them and when needed, overcoming problems interfering with accomplishing the project.” - James Planey.  Founding Principal at Lee & Associates of Illinois. James was with another company when working with Blythe at Kraft Foods