• Former President George H.W. Bush at the Hotel de Crillon
  • Mezzo-Soprano Susan Graham
  • David H. Murdock at Forbes CEO conference
  • Sir Mark Moody Stuart in Singapore
  • Tom Cruise at Mission Impossible Film Premiere
  • In Frankfurt: Yves Hanania, Heidi Klum, me, and Sir Martin Sorrell

Over the years I heard that my enthusiasm made me stand out and be effective in business.
Part of my DNA includes early dreams to be financially independent and to meet intelligent and interesting people.

My friends and colleagues also tell me that my expansive network includes many diverse and fun people.

These dreams and networks combined with my financial acuity, allow me to serve others.
I enjoy sharing ideas for reading, opportunities and worthwhile investments.

In other words,

My D.N.A. is to enhance your R.O.I.

Dreams shaped by Reading

Networks create Opportunity

Acuity with financial concepts leads to Investment



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